It’s an effective, practical and economical way to build not only the sink cabinet, but all base cabinets.

  • Complete system for the construction of the cabinets;

  • Quick to install

  • Economical: no need for backs, roofs or edge banded stretchers or rails

  • Cabinets built with aluminum crossbars are extremely durable, stronger and provide easier and safer handling as well as giving a modern fl air

  • Easy to manage: bars are to be cut to size and plastic accessories are designed to complete the assembly

  • Options: the accessory 6588TP01 provides reinforced cross structure for stronger support

  • Options: the accessory CSP0149-01SF provides attachment to the “GOLA 8006" without the need to use support SU106 or SU126

  • Options: the accessory CSP0121-01SF provides fastening to the countertop



Material: Aluminum and Plastic

Performance: Lined aluminum extrusion and highly resistant plastic injection accessories

Environment: 100% recyclable materials


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