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Scilm America was established in 2011 as a subsidiary of Scilm which has been a leader in the Italian kitchen/cabinetry/furniture component sector since the early 70’s. Our American subsidiary has enabled more and more of our customers to have easier access to our products, learn about their value, and experience our improved service. Scilm America has made it possible for the elimination of long manufacturing lead times and provide faster deliveries. It has also resulted in efficient logistics as well as improved sales and communication.


The new challenges coming from the international markets are the ideal terrain for the development and evolution of Scilm.

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All our facilities work in harmony to produce high quality products that offer our customers inherent flexibility.

We Produce for High Level Customers

Hi-tech materials and advanced manufacturing methods have provided new opportunities permitting us to expand our creativity. Scilm's main philosophy is to research components and innovative solutions in every aspect in order to provide designers new ways of conceiving living space. Total quality is the daily commitment of our company. It is an ambitious goal that stimulates and gratifies us.

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Historically, we have revolutionized the manufacturing and design of kitchen furniture. We are the ones who invented the resin toe kick and other solutions that have become more functional, sophisticated, stylish and affordable. Furthermore, we have gained significant market shares in all sectors of furniture manufacturing.